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2 x QFP44 / LQFP44 / TQFP44 SMD Adapter Board (0.8mm and 1.0mm pitch)
1 x Modular SMD jack RJ-45 6-terminals
1 x Adapter for FP-64-housing
1 x SUB-D Cable 1:1 9-pin (female/female)
1 x PT01TC-ASM Prototype extension board with header connectors
1 x Graphical LCD-module with touch-panel 240x128 dots STN blue white negative
1 x BAV103 SMD-Si-diode 70V 0.2A SOT23
1 x SBC83IL - SBC board with PIC18F87J11 without FLASH, SRAM and RTC chips
3 x USB-cable 2.0 A-male / Mini-USB-5P-male / 1,5m
2 x NTC temperature sensor 10kOhm at 25°C
3 x ICSP-Adapter USB-ICD2 ⇔ Single Board Computer (SBC)
2 x DB66DEV1 - Development Daughter Board for SBC6x
3 x Male connector 5-pin grid 2.5mm 90°angled
2 x SO / SOP / SOIC8 (150mil) to DIP8 adapter board
1 x LCD2S-162FHB serial display-interface-board with blue 16x2 characters display
2 x QFP100 / LQFP100 / TQFP100 SMD Adapter Board (0.5mm and 0.4mm pitch)
2 x SMD-Resistor network 4x2,2 kOhm
1 x Collection of flexible link plugs - 140 pieces
1 x PIC18F4550-I/PT
1 x LCD2S-204BIW serial display-interface-board with blue 20x4 characters display
1 x IOR5E - input & output unit in module enclosure with RTC
1 x SMD-Sicherung + Halter superflink 0,25A - 0154.250DR : Littelfuse
4 x Strip 2x12-pin grid 2.54mm high construction
1 x 2W type 0414 metal oxid film resistor 2.7k
1 x LCD2S-162BIW serial display-interface-board with blue 16x2 characters display
2 x PGM06 - Programming adapter for the MPLAB ICD 2
5 x flexible link plug 150mm (10er Pack)
1 x LCD2S-204BIY serial display-interface-board with blue 20x4 characters display
1 x SMD chip resistor G0805 1.1 kOhm
1 x RJ-45 Ethernet-female connector with filter (LF1S022)
1 x RJ-45 Ethernet female connector with filter and LED's (LF1S022-34)
1 x PTR system clamp 160V 5-pin green grid 3.5mm
1 x SOT23 / SOT323 (SC-70) SMD to DIP6 adapter board
2 x SMD-Resistor network 4x330 Ohm
1 x SMD-Resistor network 4x10 Ohm
2 x QFP48-56 / LQFP48-56 / TQFP48-56 SMD Adapter Board (0.5mm and 0.65mm pitch)
1 x PT01T - prototype extension board without header connectors
3 x ENC2015S NET USB housing-front panel
1 x AMP MicroMatch Miniature connector, 6-pol. insulation displaceme
1 x MC306 SMD-Clock crystal 32.768kHz
1 x Plastic support block for 3mm LED
2 x PIC Universal Board
1 x ENC2015S RS485 housing-front panel
1 x G-fuse 5x20 quick acting 250V 2.5A
1 x SMD 1N4007 (SM4007) rectifier diode
1 x 1/4W type 0207 carbon film resistor 27R
1 x 1/4W type carbon film resistor 470R
1 x Short circuit wire jumper design 0207
2 x ZIF-socket 40-Pin (15.24mm)
1 x Mini-USB panel jack, type B, SMD
1 x SIM-Karten Sockel/Halter mit seitlichem Auswurf
1 x MXD2R - I/O relay extension board
1 x MOLEX crimp connector housing 2-pin grid 2.54mm
1 x SMD chip resistor G0805 120 Ohm
1 x SIM301S Wireless GSM/GPRS Module
1 x Jumper grid 2.54mm red
1 x SMD-inductor 1.0uH 0.45A
1 x PGM40ZIF - ZIF-socket programming adapter
2 x AMP MicroMatch Miniature female multipoint connector 6-pol.
1 x PT66ECI-ASM Prototype extension board for SBC6xEC
1 x Wall power supply, 1000mA/7,5VDC
2 x Female connector 2x4-pin grid 2.00mm
1 x SMD-Resistor network 4x10 kOhm
1 x Trimming potentiometer, top adjust type, 15mm, 50 kOhm
1 x SWR0832A Single Supply Ringing Subscriber Line Interface Circuit
1 x SMD chip resistor G0805 22.0 kOhm
1 x SMD chip resistor G0805 47.0 kOhm
1 x PT10E-ASM prototype board with 2x5 screw terminal connectors and 3 LEDs
1 x Universal ZIF socket adapter for USB-ICD2-Pro
1 x MOLEX crimp connector housing 6-pin grid 2.54mm
1 x SMD chip resistor G0805 220 Ohm
1 x PT01TC - Prototype extension board without header connections
1 x 6-pin ribbon cable for connection of LCD2S with SBCs
1 x SBC68EC - Ethernet SBC with 12 analog and 32 digital I/O
1 x SMD chip resistor G0805 180 Ohm
1 x Board connector-Set 5-pole
1 x Nylon plug connector 4-pin grid 2.54mm straight
1 x SMD chip resistor G0805 6.8 kOhm
1 x SMD-Resistor network 4x1,0 kOhm
2 x PT24E-ASM prototype board with 2x12 screw terminal connectors and 8 LEDs
2 x PIC12F629-I/SN
1 x SBC66UAL - SBC with USB Host
1 x LCD2S-204FHB serial display-interface-board with blue 20x4 characters display
1 x MOLEX crimp connector housing 4-pin grid 2.54mm PWM design
1 x LL4148 - diode Minimelf - 150mA, 100V
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