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DB66DEV1 - Development Daughter Board for SBC6x

Modtronix Engineering
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The DB66DEV1 is a development daughter board for Netcruzer SBC66 Single Board Computers. It plugs into the daughter board connector of the SBC66 board. It provides common inputs and outputs required for prototyping and development.
The easiest way getting started with the DB66DEV1 board is to modify one of our demo projects. We provide many example programs for this board, located in the "../src/demos" folder of the Netcruzer Download. All code is written in C, and can be edited, programmed and debugged with the free MPLAB X IDE, and compiled with the free MPLAB XC16 C Compiler. For information on modifying projects click here.
A SBC66 board is of course also required to plug the DB66DEV1 board into. The firmware generated using the XC16 compiler can be uploaded to the SBC66 board via a PIC programmer, or via USB using the bootloader on the SBC66 board (or Ethernet for the SBC66EC or SBC66ECL). For details click here.
There are multiple pin headers with power, Analog Inputs, Relocatable Ports (PWM, timer, SPI, UART..) and an I2C port. They are all made available via standard 2.54mm pin headers. See Picture 3 and Schematics for details. The Relocatable Ports can for example be configured to be PWM outputs, a SPI bus, a TTL serial port (UART) or many other possibilities.


  • 4 Tactile buttons connected to SBC66 Ports Y0, Y1, Y2 and Y3.
  • 8 Red LEDs connected to SBC66 Ports X6, X7, X8, X9, T4, T5, T6 and T7.
  • A potentiometer connected to SBC66 Ports X3.
  • A buzzer connected to SBC66 Ports Y4.
  • Three 2x3 pin headers (standard 2.54mm) connected power
  • One 2x3 pin header (standard 2.54mm) connected I2C port and power
  • A 1x14 pin header (standard 2.54mm) connected to LED ports and power. Can be used as 8 digital input or output ports.
  • A 1x4 pin header (standard 2.54mm) connected to SBC66 Ports X1, X2, X4 and X5. Can be used as Analog inputs, or general purpose I/Os.
  • A 1x4 pin header (standard 2.54mm) connected to SBC66 Ports Y6, Y7, Y8 and Y9. Can be used as general purpose I/Os, or reconfigurable pins (PWM, SPI, UART...).
Verwendbar mit folgenden Produkten
  • SBC65EC
  • SBC66UAL
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