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SBC65EC - Ethernet SBC with 12 analog and 32 digital I/O

Modtronix Engineering
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The SBC65EC is a Single Board Computer (SBC) with a 10Mbs Ethernet, Network-Bootloader, RS232-interface, IēC-bus, 12 analog inputs, 32 digital I/O-ports, free TCP/IP Stack, PIC18F6627 and web based configuration. The board is fully assembled and tested with a PIC18F6627 controller and 24LC512 EEPROM. The SBC-module can connected with every 10/100Mbit/s ethernet network. The PIC18F6627 controller is already pre-programmed with the free Modtronix SBC65EC webserver The 24C512 EEPROM can save websites. With a FTP client (or rather with a terminal tool like Hyperterminal) you can replace the Demo website with your own one. There is no need for a new programming of the firmware and an external programmer.

The user can add "special tags" to the HTML websites, which can replaced through values from the external input pins or external analog inputs. All inputs, outputs and analog inputs of the ethernet module can be recorded and configurated. The website can be created with a conventional text editor and loaded with a FTP client to the webserver.

The SBC features a pre-programmed bootloader. The Modtronix network bootloader allows firmware updates via network and internet. The serial RS232 port of the ethernet SBC can used for the configuration and for debugging of the webserver. All configurations can be made with the serial RS232 port or with secured website access.

The whole source code of the server can be downloaded for free. The webserver uses a free TCP/IP stack software from Microchip (programmed in C) and can changed with the HiTech or Microchip MPLAB C18 compiler. A free student version of the Microchip MPLAB C18 compiler is available by the manufacturer.

Typical applications

  • HTTP Web servers
  • Mail clients
  • Ethernet to RS232 interface
  • Ethernet to RS485 interface
  • I/O control
  • Protocol Bridge applications
  • Ethernet to USART, CAN, I2C, SPI etc. interfaces

Technical features

  • Equipped with a PIC18F6627 controller, 24C512 EEPROM and Modtronix SBC65EC webserver with bootloader
  • 98 kBytes FLASH, 3936 Bytes SRAM and 64 kBytes EEPROM. The webserver uses fewer than the half of the existent FLASH and SRAM and ca. 25% of the available EEPROM memory
  • Extendable for a 8-pin SPI FRAM chip (z.B. 32 kBytes FM25256 Chip) on the underside of the board
  • supports HTTP compression
  • 32 programable I/O pins
  • 12 programable analog inputs with a 10-bit resolution
  • red programable LED
  • green LED "connection"
  • yellow LED "send/receive"
  • RS232 interface about a 3-pin connector
  • Micro Match connector strip for connection of IēC devices like the LCD2S serial display
  • Modular design, extendable with extension modules
  • regular 2.1mm jack plug for power supply (7-35VDC)
  • +/- 15kV ESD protection
  • ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) connector
  • free Modtronix TCP/IP Stack with the following features: MAC, IP, ARP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, DHCP, IP Gleaning, MPFS
  • supports TCP and UDP
  • RTOS independent, full TCP state machine
  • free registered MAC address included
The "daughter" connectors can used for a modular extension of the Single Board Computers. Numerous extensions and functions are possible.


Additional Addons

Datasheet (rev. 3)Download PDF-file
SBC65EC vs. SBC68ECDownload PDF-file
Manual and source code Modtronix SBC65EC Webserver V3.10Download EXE-file
Modtronix TCP/IP Stack V2.10Download PDF-file
Microchip TCP/IP Stack - AN833Download PDF-file
Microchip TCP/IP Stack - AN833 (source code)Download ZIP-file
SNMP Agent for the Microchip TCP/IP Stack - AN870Download PDF-file
ExamplesDownload EXE-file
PicturesDownload ZIP-file
SBC65EC SafemodeDownload PDF-file
SBC65EC Xmodem serviceDownload PDF-file
Datasheet (rev. 2.01)Download PDF-file
Datasheet (rev. 1)Download PDF-file


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